Our Mission

Get Maryland Moving is a coalition of diverse stakeholders who believe that stronger public transportation in Maryland is necessary to strengthen our communities and our regional economy. Members have their own core missions and specific sector focuses like education, business development, philanthropy, community development, etc., but all agree improving public transportation is important for the growth and stability of our region. 

Steering committee members currently include VI Development, the Center for Government Excellence, Bikemore, Transit Choices, Sierra Club of Maryland, and Baltimore City Community College. This committee changes from campaign to campaign. Individual members of Get Maryland Moving include Colin Beckman, Logan Mitchell, Jackie Macmillen, Joe Nathanson, Anna Ellis, Chris Firehock, Klaus Philipsen, Graham Coreil Allen, Morgan Danes, Danielle Panes, Molly Phelps, Marc Paras, Sarah Lanle, Jeenly Louis, Ed Johnson, Dru Schmidt-Perkins, Emily Ranson, Glenn Smith, Joel Pally, Carol Hamer, Charles Eubanks, Eli Pousson, Johns Hopkins, Ian Knudson, and Diane Corbett.

Participating in this coalition is an opportunity to improve public transportation in Maryland and show it matters to you. There are two ways that you can participate:

  1. Sign up as a member of the Get Maryland Moving coalition and supporter.

  2. Share a link to this web site with others and ask them to share their commuting experiences with the Get Maryland Moving coalition and to consider getting involved.